I.T Barter System - Term Of Services Terms & Conditions

This statement was last updated on 01 JAN, 2016

+ - Overview

I.T Barter System is a new way to `` Get Free `` Paid website related service and products, our services are for individual / companies / agencies, the system is designed to provide white hat product & services as an one stop web solution.

+ - Important

We strongly `` discourage hacking | adult | porn | political | criminal | terror messages | abuse or illegal content ” and we will never provide our services / products for such kind of activities not today nor tomorrow.

+ - Proof Of Activities

You will get white label reports against our white hat activities that we do, as an proof of you're getting return what spend.

+ - Cancellation

if you were not satisfied; you can cancel your order anytime by single click, we will review it cancel it as per your request.

+ - Coins Tracking

We maintain each and every in store DWH Coins transaction record inside user account, the record contain all coins earning, buying, spending So, you can easily track your coins, earning & spending...

+ - Renewal / Contract Policy

You can turn Auto-Renewal ``ON`` or ``OFF`` anytime, by default all orders are set to be auto renew and billed before 7 days of product expiry to protect your data or asset.

+ - Products Extended Policies

Products like : Domain, Hosting, Server & all 31 products extended terms and policies found Here

+ - Third Party Connections

You may found some third party advertisement in our website, but by clicking and doing activity on them result of your interest in their website since they have their own terms & conditions and privacy policy so we are not responsible for third party connections as we will never force you to land any third party website.

+ - ( NDA ) Non Disclosure Agreement

As per our company policy, we never share or disclose any client website details to another client, even we never display our previous work on our website because we follow NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for each client.

+ - Distribution Or Redistribution

You're not allowed to distribute or re distribute copies of code to any third party, by doing so you will need to face our lawyer

+ - Disclaimer

We hold the right to change these regulations at any time without notice; you will be informed by email when any changes occur.

+ - How to Contact Us

We’re here to help you visit out Support Center to get in touch.

``We create latest design & professional websites that take your business to the next level ahead from your competitors; in fact we build growing business model``

Our clients are our best assets and we never disclose any information to any third party even we never show case our previous work.