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Time is changing and needs as well, we’re all living at the edge where time is more crucial than money almost time has same value of money, isn’t… Obviously ! it has; So, utilize your free time to earn free coins and spend them to get 31 Website Products including: domain, hosting etc… & Unlimited Services like: web development, seo etc…

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IT. Barter System Overview


Header menu having quick action buttons; let you to do fast activities.

Dashboard counter showing your account & activites insight

Sidebar having all product / services order placemnet menu links.

Here you can find your coins; beside of it you will find all account activities messages.

IT. Barter System keep record of each & every activity and we award bonus coins to top 10 coin earner's every month

This section contain common questions & answer

I.T Barter System Features

Earn Free Coins

Utilize your free time to earn free coins by using our offer-wall activities i.e: offer completion, survey's, playing game ... etc

Win Contest Coins

Win top 10 contest bonus by earning more coins from offer-wall within 15 days period and win upto 50% coins.

Earn Unlimited 25% Coins Cloudly

Make unlimited referrals by sharing your referral link and start getting 25% coins whenever your referral earn real time.

Buy Coins Credit Cardless

Buy coins With 70+ Local Payment Method, Those coins kept in secure way inside system. Imagine you can even buy coins using your mobile phone credit ... We also offer safe direct bank deposit methods.

Feel Secure & Keep Track

In-store coin kept encrypted, we maintain all system coins earning, buying, spending transaction record in your account, you can track coins from `` Coin Track Page``, & you can track your order progress from `` Order Tracking Page `` anytime.

Activity Log

We maintain customer in store activity log to ensure you never lost your product of service due to expiry by human error, by default all orders renewal set to ``auto renewal `` but you can disable it or even can request renewal anytime, every time you press those buttons we record activity & time of every action you do and maintain in your account.

How It Work's


Frequently Asked Questions

+ - What is value of 1$ Coins ?

`` 100|C = $1 Value `` that mean you can purchase $1 value product or service with 100|C coins. Dream Web Hosting Digital Currency is replacement of paper money and credit card less, you can buy coins using local payment method even you can buy coin from your mobile phone balance ...

+ - Will exchange rate apply on my in store coins value ?

No, exchange rates never effect your IT. Barter System coins value, you can keep earning coins as much as you can and can spend them any time there's no fear of coins value decrements of ( in-store coins ) not today nor tomorrow, it's promise.

+ - What if i am running out of coins ?

Well, we strongly recommend you to keep your account active & full of coins or at least the amount equal of your purchased items for future renewals or for new purchases.

+ - How my products will be renewed automaticlly ?

By default all products are set to auto renewal to protect your data or online assets. we will deduct renewal amount coins before 1 week of product expiry, and of-course we maintain every activity log inside your account. If you wish to disable auto renewal,you can disable it from `` Order Tracking ``. Note: If you disable this auto renewal option, *** We will not able renew your product and will not responsible for any data or asset loss all responsibility will be yours ...

+ - How will i access my product or service?

We attach your order report as downloadable file, You can download it by clicking `` cloud `` icon at very right of your order.

``We create latest design & professional websites that take your business to the next level ahead from your competitors; in fact we build growing business model``

Our clients are our best assets and we never disclose any information to any third party even we never show case our previous work.